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Posted by Tommy & Stephanie on
We love The Hank Williams Museum in Montgomery AL! What a collection!
Posted by Mike Chandler on
My wife and I love Hank (the one and only Hank)
Posted by Phillip Carter on
I still love you Hank RIP.
Posted by Roger Ryan on
Hi Beth, Hope to pay a visit in November with some friends from Ireland.
Posted by Michael Chandler on
My wife and I love Hank ( the one and only Hank )
Posted by virgil watts jr. on
Sure like this website, and enjoy going through the pic's in it too, I love hank William's song'saways love his music
Posted by Jerry Tolbert on
I "Moan da blues" wit ya Luke!
Hope you had a smoothe ride....
Posted by wendy walters on
last month my mother and I visited the cemetery where Hank and Audry are buried and we toured through the museum we made a day of it and can I say it was the most memorable day we have had in a while we had a good time and were blown away at how beautiful the monuments at the graves were and we very much enjoyed walking through the museum and learning all we did about the Williams family it was a real chance for my mom and I to spend quality time together and have fun for a day thanks so much for the museum and the town of montgomery for making us feel at home
Posted by Toby Anderson Athens Al on
I grew up on Hank Sr and I'm only 36 yrs.old but I love the drifter and the drifting cowboys.
Posted by Peggy Smith on
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Manitoulin Island.
We were thinking of you and of Hank...its a sad day because 61 years ago we lost Hank.
It's 10 below zero here and lots of snow.
All is well, hope to see you this year.

Peggy and Wayne Smith
Doug and Marilee Hore
Posted by Arlene Sweeney on
My husband and I plan on a trip to visit Hank Williams Sr. museum this spring. We love his music. Growing up my Dad had records of Hank Williams Sr. I grew up listening to his country music. I really love his Christian music.
Posted by Ric Weide on
Looking forward to getting to Montgomery soon to meet with Peggy and Wayne Smith and Doug and Marilee Hore at the Museum. Had a great time a couple years ago when we were there then. A great tribute to Hank. The musicians I play with at the nursing homes and assisted-living centers enjoy the music we played and many of Hanks songs are really well received. Hank put together many great pieces!
Marilee Hore is my first cousin.
Posted by Angela Yvonne Hill on
Hank is and will always be the "King of Country music"
Its a shame the Opry don't give him the RESPECT he truly deserves.
His music is timeless and his talent transcends all of time and space!!!
In the words of Hank 3 "The Grand ole opry aint so grand anymore"!!!
Posted by Mike Moore on
I have put this place on my bucket list to visit!!!
Posted by hugo manriquez on
Visited your museum in 2012. Enjoyed it very much. The very first 45 I bought was Crying Time by the great Buck Owens. Along with the 45 I bought my first album, Hank Williams Greatest Hits on MGM. Have always been a Hank Williams fan.
Posted by Joe Mays on
Hey Jeff and Beth, just finished checking out your website and it's great. Hopefully I can get to Montgomery and see the museum in person sometime in the not too distant future.
I wanted to tell you guys what a pleasure it was to meet both of you and to hear Jeff sing at the Pauls Valley Opry.
I hope you enjoyed your visit as much as we enjoyed you all.
Come back again anytime.
Posted by Michael JL Harold on
Planning a Southern trip this July/August and the Hank Williams Museum will certainly be on the list.
Posted by Don Mahoney on
Hank was the greatest influential country music star of all time!
Posted by Duncan Malcolm Michano on
One of Hank's albums was the first record I ever bought. We didn't have stores nearby that sold records. Heard an ad on WSM one night around the early 60's. Sent a money order in and got my Hank Williams album about a month later. Hope to visit the Museum and grave site someday. Bucket List item also.!!! 24 hour drive from here.
Duncan Michano, Pic River FN, Ont Canada
Posted by roy chantler on
Greetings one and all - I'm coming over from England in the spring to see the places where Hank grew up and spent his days...to me he is the greatest and most talented country singer of all time and wrote some most beautiful songs which will live forever. We are lucky to have a devoted group of supporters in Montgomery who maintain such a wonderful and lasting tribute to Hank in the name of The Hank Williams Museum
Posted by Tommy Kaiser on
I absolutely loved my time at the Hank Williams Museum. Hopefully I'll get a chance to go again someday, but this time with my family. I would love for my girls to get to see and learn to appreciate not only the life of Hank Williams like I do, but to appreciate that era of Country Music and how life was as a whole! What a great place to visit!
Posted by Charles on
Fascinating collection of artifacts related to the most influential artist in country music and all music.
Posted by Addie McDaniel on
Love this place! I came all the way from Maine with my family and we went here, very cool and interesting! Can't wait to come back!(:
Posted by bethpetty on
My wife and I visited the museum and the cemetery. We were privileged to meet and talk with Charles Carr. This was the experience of my life. I enjoy singing his songs at our talent shows. He is the greatest country singer ever. I have encouraged persons to visit the museum. I hope to visit again. A man in my community use to board at the home of Mrs. Williams. He had to find another place because Hank kept him awake playing and singing at night. I recently learned the song Midnight. My favorite is "I Saw The Light". Thanks for keeping the life and memories of Hank alive. Hopefully, He will never be forgotten.
Posted by Ron on
I've loved Hank since I was born in 1973 and my dad and grandpa before me! What can I say about ole Hank that hasn't been said already? Simply the greatest!
Posted by Laura and gaston morse on
We would
Love to come and join your museum one day. Rip hank we love all of your music we have every music you ever wrote and movies
Posted by Laura and gaston morse on
We would
Love to come and join your museum one day
Posted by Pisces Rock Band on
~Thankes for keeping the Hank memeries alive!~.
Posted by mary agosta on
Love Hank Williams. I have a friend named David Church. He does a Hank tribute. He is awesome.
Posted by lori coleman on
I have been a hank sr fan for 50 years, if only I was born earlier to see him sing, but friends with his neice is good enough and all his records, he will always be first in my music life
Posted by Nina Vickrey Kynard on
Love the museum! So very proud that Montgomery has such a nice memorial dedicated to the King of Country Music located in one of the most accessible tourist areas. Great place!!
Posted by Shaun Missey on
Gotta love Hank! He started it all and we are grateful!
Posted by Timothy Lee George on
Posted by alan speakman on
god bless you hank,for your wonderful music,never to be forgotten
Posted by Robert Hopkins on
I was a contributor to the the Hank Williams Memorial Museum in 1981 and have the Contributors Award from the President at that time Rick Owens on my wall at home in Australia. Unfortunately i won't get the opportunity to visit this wonderful museum but i am pleased that so many fans have and will continue to do so.Hank will always remain the greatest.Keep up the great work.
Posted by Cole and Casey Bates on
We will be stopping by to see this wonderful place.!!!!! RIP HANK
Posted by Janet Cartwright on
After watching Hank sing a song at the Grand Ole Opry on the museum TV, after reading a pencil written letter he wrote to his mama, after looking at his western suits, his blue Cadillac, footage of his funeral with 20,000 grieving fans, and many more mementoes, Hank has become so much more than just a beloved voice on my CD. My sadness at our loss of such a great songwriting talent with a haunting voice that could give one chills has me feeling the blues. I'm still glad I visited this wonderful, well cared for museum and got to take a little walk with Hank.
Posted by Keith Winger on
I have driven through Montgomery twice but too late in the day to see the museum. I did sit at his grave with my guitar and sing " I'm so lonesome I could cry" I have the worlds smallest country music museum in Bemidji, Minnesota. Its called the "Hank House". Call me if you're in northern MN and want to stop in. 218 556 7695 Keith
Posted by billy & wanda on
We recently took our first trip to downtown Montgomery and to the Hank Willliams Museum.
We were so impressed. We learned a lot about the family and Hank. We grew up listening to Hank's songs by our parents. We appreciate his music even more. He was such a talent. Our Uncle had a rare collection of all of Hank's records, but lost them during a house fire. Thank you to the Hank Williams Museum for all the knowledge we learned.
Posted by eric and gaylynn holston on
My fiance'and I are going to smokey mtns. From poplarville,ms. We both are huge sr. And jr. Fans. We are making a detour to pay ours respects to Mr. Hiram King and Ms. Audrey williams. We are excited to be part of history of country music so, move it on over....Love ya Hank!
Posted by Lisahazelwood on
I love Hank i grow up listen to his music hopefully i will go and see his museum Hank was a good singer.I love all his songs i wish he was alive i go see him in concert.
Posted by werner Dill on
Through common ancestry of Henna Tyll (1624) I feel a special attachment to your music. Your ever beautiful sounds are making my home in Switzerland. Some day I will visit you in Montgomery AL
Posted by Matt on
Great Hank museum with literally over 1,000 personal pieces, including the Cadillac in which Hank passed away on 1-1-53, as well as many suits & home furnishings from the Williams home. A must on any stop or pass-thru Montgomery for any country music fan or historian. The Director of the museum even has direct family ties not only to Hank, Sr., but to Bocephus as well. See it for yourself!
Posted by Kevin Herring on
On a trip to the USA from England, my wife and I came to Montgomery specifically to visit this museum. We were not disappointed! There is so much in this place; so many personal artifacts that you come away feeling you've learnt a lot about Hank the man as well as Hank the artist. Any fan of Hank's music will love this museum. Good gift shop too...

Also, a word about Montgomery itself. I wasn't sure what to expect beyond the Hank Williams stuff before I came here but it is well worth a visit generally. It's probably off most people's radar as a holiday/break destination but it's a great place with a lot of history and the people are so friendly. So if you're going give yourself a couple of extra days to enjoy Montgomery.
Posted by Carl F. Petty, Esq. on
Can't wait to visit the museum this Summer....gonna try and convince a couple of my buddies from here around Chattanooga to come with me...My most prized possession on this earth is a hand-written letter I got from Charles Carr in 2009 detailing the route he and Hank drove on "The last Ride" that brought them right passed my office in downtown Cleveland, Tn. and within a few hundred yards of my home north of here off of U.S. HWY 11......The hearse came back the same route 2 days later with Charles and his Daddy along with Hank's mother Lilly and the bogus doctor in it following behind.....Am glad the museum is here cause nearly everyone who was ever around Hank is gone now!
Posted by Nigel Gibbons on
Hanks music will live on forever. My uncle is 73yrs old and came to visit hanks grave and museum with me. It has made his life. Will return again 1 day. Beautiful place. John Gibbons says thanks for the memories
Posted by Nigel Gibbons on
Me and my uncle John came to the museum last week and were stunned at how beautiful the museum was. My uncle is 73 yrs old and has been a Hank fan since the 50s. He had never been out of England but i convinced him that this would be his trip of a lifetime. When he set foot inside, his life long dream to see this was now a reality. We loved the place and could have stopped there all day. We also paid our respects at Hanks grave. A fitting monument to a great man and in such a beautiful spot. It made my uncles life. We hope to see you again soon and spend more time there.
Posted by Mike Meche and Family Lake Charles La on
Just returned from Montgomery trip and had a wonderful time touring the museum. Fantastic job of giving Hank fans a sense of the the life the great one lived. Thanks to all involved in creating this one of a kind place for us to enjoy.

Highly recommend goin out to Hank gravesite and also pay your respects to Rufus "Tee Tot" Payne on the cemetary is buried somewhere. Without out has tutelage of Hank as a young boy, we would not have the Hank music we love so much.
Posted by Mike Meche and Fmly on
Going to see HANK again on Friday June 5th. Second time to the graveyard. Bringing 5 grandaugters and youngest son. He has been with me before. First time to the museum for all of us. Also going to Georgianna to tour his boyhood home. Going to fine Tee Tot's cemetary and pay tribute to the man who influenced Hank to most musically. Entire family 100% cajun, parents and grandparents grew up speaking only French but Hank and Kitty Wells played in my house all my life.

Get behind the reinstatehank.org to let the so called new grand ole opry, its missing its most important member.
Posted by Jeff Bryant on
I had a wonderful time visiting the Museum back in March while I was on vacation in Alabama. It was incredible to see the things that chronicle Hanks life and career.Also visited the gravesite of Hank and Audrey.I recommend this to anyone who has never been to stop by and check it out.
Posted by John&tammy fordyce on
Went to Alabama to visit the hank Williams museum it was awesome. I recommend anyone going that way to stop by.
Posted by Patti on
On top of my Bucket List is to visit Hank Williams Museum......
And Midnight in Montgomery.....
Posted by Herschell m Byers jr on
happy birthday Hank love you so much from Neptune New Jersey and love to all miss all and hope you all have a great weekend God Bless love herschell
Posted by Wagner Felipe Aleixo on
So happy to be in Montgomery next January 7th and visit the museum.
Brazil loves Hank!
Posted by Earlin Shell on
My wife and I visited the museum a few weeks ago. I was really impressed with the collection. It was awsome. The girl in the museum was ver nice to talk to and knew about every item on display. I would urge any fan of Hank to visit this place. You will not be sorry.
Posted by Le Roy Yale Young on
I've Been Listing To Hank Williams Since My Dad Played Them For Years. I Am 52 Years Old Now.The First Time I Heard Hank Williams I Was Hooked.I Have A Big Collection Of My Own Now. I Love All The Great Songs. Thank's Hank !
We All Love You .
Posted by Le Roy Yale Young on
I Was Listing To Hank Williams Since Dad Was Playing His Records In The Early Seventies.
I Am A Die Hard Fan And Now Have A Nice Collection Of My Own Now. I Enjoy All Hank Williams Songs.
Love To Visit The Gravesite Sometime In The Near Future.
Posted by Le Roy Yale Young on
I Was Listing To Hank Williams Since Dad Was Playing His Records In The Early Seventies.
I Am A Die Hard Fan And Now Have A Nice Collection Of My Own Now. I Enjoy All Hank Williams Songs.
Love To Visit The Gravesite Sometime In The Near Future.
Posted by mart bickham on
Been to every concert in louisiana , since 1982 , parents would bring me, they were fans of hank sr. Real country music, have every album. Latest concerts attended was i.p. palace biloxie miss. Lake Charles next week. Forever a hank fan.
Posted by russell morlock on
what an original ! influence to so many i remember when i was very young dad coming home from work and playing hank on his guitar seen hank3 a few times like minnie pearl said to 3 son you are a ghost hanks music will live longer than us
Posted by Dairold warren on
I love hanks music ,and would love to carry on and sing his music around the world.! Thanks for the music and memories! R.I.p.Hank!
Posted by Ed Guffey on
I have always loved Hank Williams music. I was nine years old when a neighbor told my parents that Hank Williams died last night. I will never forget the surprised looks on their face
over the years I have bought Hank's records. he is the greatest entertainer of all time. only
one comes in second that is George Jones. If you haven't been to the museum you must go
it is like being in the same room with him. every thing is there. also visit his grave,
Posted by LeAnn Kainer on
I was there in April of 2012, I spent a few hours in there I was soo glad it wasn't busy because I cried the entire time. It reminded me of my Daddy who passed away in 2009 and he is the one who gave me my love for Hank Sr. Listening to the music playing and thinking about my Dad was so cathartic, I think it was the first time I really mourned my Dad. I sat at the gravesite after visiting the museum and sat on my Harley and listened to my MP3 player playing some Hank Sr, and cried. Today my hubs said we are going to the movies this weekend.. I was like? Why? He said the movie I Saw The Light was going to be in Theaters. So he is taking me. Ill be bringing tissues I am sure. The only regret I have about the movie is that Hank III should have played his Granddaddy. Anyways Thanks for having the museum, planning on a second trip with my hubs for our Honeymoon 3.5 later :)
Posted by P'J' Richardson on
I went to see the movie (I Saw The Light}yesterday and it was wonderful!! The memories came flooding back and I still miss Hank!! He was truly a talented and great country singer!!May he RIP!!
Posted by Vernon A Allick on
I am from Trinidad and Tobago in the West Indies and have been a huge fan of country music and of Hank Williams, snr. As a radio announcer, I hosted the country music programmes on the stations on which I worked.

In 1979 – and again in 1982 – my wife and I visited Nashville, Tennessee, and included the Hank Williams Museum in Nashville in our tours. Hank Williams' blue Cadillac was in that museum at the time and we cherish the picture I took of my wife standing next to that historic car, especially as I read now of the car being in Hank's museum in Montgomery, Alabama, and that the museum does not allow pictures to be taken of it.

One of my regrets continues to be not purchasing a bust of Hank from Ernest Tubb's Record Shop on Broadway in Nashville during one of our visits there.

I bought a Hank Williams double- (or is it triple?) album in Nashville and have a three-CD-set of his recordings. My favourite of his songs is, "I Saw The Light", followed by "When God Comes And Gathers His Jewels".

After more than 63 years since his death, I can see his name and his music having a daily presence in our lives even going past 100 years post New Year's Day 1953.

Vernon A Allick
Trinidad and Tobago
West Indies
Posted by Edward Guffey on
I visited Hank Williams Museum. I couldn't believe all the clothes and furniture that was there
it belonged to Hank Williams. I felt like I was in the room with him. you feel like you can turn
your head around and see him. The baby blue 1952 Cadillac sitting there know that was the
car he died in. I was nine years old when we went to a neighbors house and they told my
parents that Hank Williams Died last night. everyone was shocked. over the years I Have
bought hundreds of Hank Williams albums. Listening to country music for over 60 years
I have decided the top three country music musicians are, Hank Williams, George Jones and
Johnny Cash. When you visit the museum you will have to go a couple blocks down the street
to the cemetary. drive to the top and see Hank and Audrey's grave they keep them beautiful
it will be worth your while to go to Montgomery and see the museum. you will be glad you did,
Posted by Woody Nicholas on
I love all things Hank! I have your museum on my list of places to visit in the future. Last summer we visited the Hank Williams death site @ Oak Hill, West Virginia, my home state. My mother (age 85) recently gave me some original newspaper articles covering Hanks death. She had kept them in an album for all these many years since his passing. A couple of nights ago my daughter and I went to see the movie "I Saw The Light". We are looking forward to visiting your museum.
Posted by clive evans on
My wife & I have just returned from the holiday of a lifetime in the USA. we did Nashville, New Orleans & Memphis. We took in a show at the Grand ole Opry, Had a wonderful day at Gracelands. we visited the most exciting street in the world (Beale street in Memphis) What a fantastic buzz! But the high point of my Holiday was our first stop after leaving Atlanta Airport. Went to Montgomery Alabama and visited the Hank Williams Museum. This place is an absolute must for any Hank Williams fan. Its jam-packed with wonderful memorabilia. The director there is Beth and she is so passionate about Hank she could talk all day. TRUST ME, THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED! 10/10
Posted by Mark Terry on
This museum is a national treasure and I stop by every time I go near Montgomery. I think it is a shame that Hank Williams isn't in the Grand Ole Opry and in my mind it makes the Opry a little less than Grand. Hank Sr. is one of the greatest songwriters, singers, performers ever and I will always consider him to be the GOLD standard of country music. Rest in Peace Hank -- your fans will never forget you and your music will never die!! In closing a big thanks to everyone at the museum who work so hard to keep it running and the webmaster of this site as well as all the fans worldwide who support the Williams brand, a made in the USA LEGACY that will never be topped. God Bless
Posted by robert theriault jr on
directly from Québec in Canada i will love hank till i die
Posted by Mac mccollum on
Never never close your doors . T2ul
Posted by Charles Grissom on
My seven year old great grandson has been so fascinated with Hank Williams for the past year or so. He would watch all of the videos on youtube and want to hear them played over and over. The first time he heard a Hank song he started crying because he said it was so beautiful. Ever since then he hasn't stopped. He wanted to know everything he could about him. He's seen all of the movies and even bought one from the gift shop. I decided to take him to the museum so he could learn more about Hank. It was something that we could enjoy together. He had such a good time and still talks about everything he got to see. This was a trip of a lifetime and I know neither one of us will ever forget it. If you have never been here, you need to go.
Posted by sherry mcmullin on
he will be missed and happy birthday hank williams sr
Posted by Gail on
We just returned yesterday from a fantastic adventure -- New Orleans, Tarpon Springs, FL, Atlanta, Jonesboro, & Senoia, GA, Montgomery & Dauphin Island, AL -- such beautiful and exciting places! The Hank Williams Museum in Montgomery was one of the highlights. It is filled with a huge array of memorabilia including Hank's birth certificate, his death certificate and everything in between ... news articles, records, awards, his custom western suits and boots, his blue Cadillac, vintage TV performances and so much more. A great place to visit!

Bruce & Gail
Bakersfield, CA
Posted by Annie on
I wanna be there)))
Posted by Ron Young on
Posted by Byrdstown, TN on
Visiting next week. Looking forward to learning more/seeing this man's life that left too soon.
Posted by Avalon and Howie on
7 year old Avalon loves Hanks music and the movie "I saw the light".God willing we will make the trip to Montgomery and visit the museum.
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