If You Don't Know Hank...You Will!

  • Born September 17, 1923 in Butler County
  • 1st song learned from his grandmother, "On Top of Old Smokey"
  • Moved to Montgomery in 1937, age 13
  • Won Talent show at Empire Theater-prize $15
  • Had his own Radio Show on WSFA in Montgomery 1937-'47
  • Married Audrey Dec 15, 1944 in Andalusia, AL
  • First record "Calling You" in Dec 1946 on Sterling Label
  • First hit on MGM "Move It On Over" 1947
  • Joined Louisiana Hayride in Shreveport, LA 1948
  • Hank Williams Jr. born May 26, 1949 in Shreveport
  • Star of the Grand Ole Opry, Nashville, 1949-52
  • Recorded 225 songs in just over 5 year career
  • He wrote 128 of these recordings
  • 11 of these recordings became No. 1 hits
  • Passed away Jan 1, 1953, Heart Failure-age 29 in Oakhill, WVA enroute to Canton, OH
  • Funeral held at Montgomery's City Auditorium Jan 4,1953 and was the largest funeral in the south
  • Jett Williams born January 6, 1953
  • Pulitzer Prize winner April 2010

Bill Anderson

"They may have been gone for 64-years, but not a day goes by that I'm not influenced in some way by either Hank Williams or Luke the Drifter. The music is timeless, and his voice is still the most haunting voice I have ever heard. I still remember the thrill of walking into the little record shop in my hometown and seeing those bright yellow MGM record labels staring back at me. It usually meant a new release by my favorite writer/singer...and time for me to start saving my pennies so I could soon add it to my collection. Who put the WD-40 on the hands of time? It seems like only yesterday."
- Bill Anderson

Hank Williams Museum
118 Commerce Street
Montgomery, AL 36104
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9:00am - 4:30pm
10:00am - 4:00pm
1:00pm - 4:00pm

$10.00 - Ages 15 & UP
$3.00 - Ages 3 - 14

We offer group rates upon
request AAA and Military

The Hank Williams Museum houses the most complete collection of Hank Williams' Memorabilia. A visit to the Hank Williams Museum in Montgomery is a visit into the past, a past that continues today, the life and times of Hank Williams. Below is a brief listing of some things you will see while visiting the museum:

Over 35 showcases filled with personal artifacts, Hank's 1952 Baby Blue Cadillac, 17 of Hank Williams' suits made by: 
Nudie's of Hollywood, Kenilworth, Royal Award, Hart Schaffner & Marx, all from Joseph Frank & Sons in Nashville, Kingsridge from The HUB In Montgomery, AL., brown and tan leather Jacket from Hank & Audrey's Corral.

Three Life Size Portraits that were in Hank & Audrey's home, boots, ties, overcoats, hats, horse saddle, Steinway Piano, 1937 Gibson Guitar, Rickenbacher Lap Steel, microphone and stand Hank used during his last performance, blue suede shoes, brief case, suit case, pearl handle pistol, shaving kit, slippers, shoe shine box, Brownie Camera, Fiddle, 1939 Sidney Lanier High School Year Book, Hank Jr's first cowboy boots and scout hats, signed programs and books, sheet music, song books, and more.

Hank WilliamsThe 4 Sterling Records, Albums, 78 RPM Records, 45 RPM Records, 16 Inch Records and box sets, autographed records, Platinum Records, Awards And Proclamations, 1952 Gibson steel guitar from Don Helms, "Exactly like the one I played on all of Hank's recordings", stated Don Helms. ◦Pictures and information On Hank's Drifting Cowboys: Hezzy Adair, Freddie Beach, Don Helms, Jerry Rivers, Hillous Butrum, Jimmy Porter, R.D Norred, Lum York, Braxton Schuffert, M.C. Jarrett, Paul Dennis, Red Todd, Clent Holmes, Bernice Turner, Boots Harris, Joe Pennington, Cedric Rainwater (Howard Watts) Sammy Pruett, Allen Dunkin, Jimmy Wilkinson, Big Bill Lister, Daniel Boling, Bob McNett, Felton Pruett, Tony Franchini.

Pictures and Information On: Hank's Funeral, Birth Certificate, Death Certificate, Lonnie Williams, Lille Skipper Williams, Lycrecia Williams Hoover, Leila Williams Griffin, Charles Carr, Red Foley, Ernest Tubb, Anita Carter, Cowboy Copas, Billy Byrd, Jack Cardwell, Louie Buck, Hank Williams Jr., Shelton (Hank III), Hilary, Holly, Sam, Katie and Mary Jane Williams, The Statesmen Quartet, Irene Williams Smith, Irene Smith, Bille Jean Williams, Kawliga, Sunset Park, "YOUR CHEATIN' HEART" Movie, "A TIME TO SING" Movie, Grand Ole Opry, Louisiana Hayride, WSFA, TEE-TOT, Mt. Olive Baptist Church, Thigpen's Log Cabin, Elite Cafe, Empire Theater, Health and Happiness Shows, Hadacol, Duckhead, Mother's Best.


  • Using manners will eliminate embarrassing situations
  • No smoking inside the building or within 10 feet of our store front.
  • No photography inside the Museum (Lobby only-not gift shop)
  • No photography in the gift shop (copyrights)
  • You may take photos in the lobby only
  • No video
  • No cell phone usage-Keep cell phones put away during tour. If you receive a call or text, you may exit the Museum to the lobby and return when finished.
  • Do not lean on railings
  • Do not touch Cadillac
  • No food and drinks (bottles drinks with caps are ok)
  • No chewing gum inside the Museum
  • No chewing tobacco or "spit" cups
  • Children must stay with parents at all times
  • Parents: it is your responsibility to control your children. The Museum is not a playground
  • Keep voice at a low tone to prevent disturbing others
  • Inappropriate behavior is prohibited
  • Be courteous to other visitors by keeping a low tone outside the TV room.
  • We reserve the right to refuse services to anyone for inappropriate activities

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